Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Divorce Diet

I am happy to announce that I am back into all of my pre-pregnancy pants!  Yes, a few of them look like they are painted on, and also, yes, it took me almost a full year, and also, no, I wasn't exactly thin before I got pregnant... but let me enjoy my glory, damn it!

Unfortunately, the loss of poundage isn't due to my incredible demonstration of will power against cookies, cupcakes, and Cheetos, nor is it due to the fabulous gym membership that I have and use.  Because... well... I don't have will power OR a gym membership...  No, friends, I'm afraid stress is probably the main cause of all of this weight loss.  Some coworkers refer to it as the "Divorce Diet."

The strange thing is, I don't feel stressed out at all.  In fact, since my husband moved out of the house (about a month ago) I have never felt better.  There is actually less for me to do around the house now, as W. was more of a mess-maker than a helper.  He never lifted a finger with our daughter, so there are no changes in my life there.  And when he left, he took over $10,000 worth of debt with him.  So what is it that is stressing me out?

Whatever.  I guess if I am in a situation where I have to get a divorce after only one year of marriage, then I may as well look hot while I'm doing it.

Friday, September 3, 2010


For anyone who remembers (or cares) about my nutrition dilemma, I think I have figured out the solution.  See, Jellybean is in that awkward stage between baby food and table food; she loves to pick up mac-n-cheese with her fingers and eat it, but our doctor warned us against the preservatives that are in the cheese.

The solution?  Boil some macaroni noodles and toss out that bag of cheese-like-product.  Instead, mix in two jars of whatever kind of pureed veggie your baby likes.  For Jellybean, we used Gerber's Farmer Market Vegetable Blend. 

The look on her face told me she was expecting something a little different, but she got used to it.  I think since she is starting this food so young that it might be a favorite treat down the road when the picky-eating-preschooler phase rears its ugly head.