Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Dealing With A Bi-Polar Ex: FML

Someone please shoot me.  Just shoot me in the face and get it all over with now.

Today, just three weeks after terminating the visitation schedule and failing to show up to our pretrial, W. sent me the following text message.  (Yes, this is how he actually types.  I'm pretty sure he may be mentally challenged.)

"Hey amie its w. This is my new number. If its 0k with u maybe u w00d let babysitter watch me c jellybean. it w00d mean l0t t0 me. If n0t i understand."


Dear W.

Please, for the love of God, make up your f*****g mind.  If you are going to attempt to be something more than a sperm-donor, that would be just fabulous for Jellybean.  However, you will have to excuse me if I don't believe you, as you have made this "attempt" about 67 times in the past year.  Just sayin'.

If you are going to realize that you are a worthless piece of s**t and back out, that would be equally fabulous for Jellybean.  I am assuming that it would be more emotionally and mentally beneficial for her to never see you at all rather than have you pop in and out of her life randomly, loving her for a day or two and then disappearing for weeks at a time.  And if you choose to back out all together, this would be a prime opportunity to do so, as she currently has no idea who you are.  When shown photos, she just looks confused and asks if the picture is of her uncle.  Don't be offended, it's nothing personal.  It's just that you've been pretty useless throughout her entire life and, well, she doesn't know any better.

Oh, and since you failed to show up for court or basically do anything that you were supposed to, I am forced to spend even more money on this ordeal.  You know, money that could go towards providing for our my daughter. (That little girl that I was always nagging you about raising and whatnot.)  So if you could pull your head out of your a** long enough to get everything taken care of, that would be just phenomenal.

Please accept my most sincere congratulations on getting what you've always wanted: me off your back and Jellybean off your lap.  I sure hope you are enjoying yourself.  And if you are interested in any sound advice, and I'd say that by now it is fairly obvious that you aren't, I highly recommend that you take this opportunity and run.  We wouldn't want anymore unwanted responsibility and all that baby-raising bulls*** to interfere with your drinking and drugging.

Once again, congratulations on your glamorous new life.  Hope it was worth it.

With All My Respect,

Friday, June 3, 2011

How To Impress The Guardian Ad Litem Part VI: Do What They Say!

At our last court date, I finally received the report from the guardian ad litem that I'd been so patiently awaiting.  If you read my last post, then you are already aware that W. failed to show up to the pretrial.  If you've read anything on this blog before, then you aren't surprised.

Apparently, showing up for court isn't the only thing that W. hasn't been doing.  According to the report from the guardian, W. never paid the $250 retainer, returned her phone calls, accepted the documents she mailed to him or completed the court-ordered hair follicle test.  What he did manage to do is set up a meeting with the guardian ad litem (to which he never showed up at all), then later completely terminate his visitation schedule with Jellybean, telling the guardian that he is done with the whole ordeal.

Although the reports from Safe House stated that W. appeared to be responsible and reliable during his visits there, the guardian ad litem stated in her report that she could not recommend unsupervised visitation at this time.  Let's face it, throughout the time that we have been in the court system (just since October) W. has had resided at three different addresses, bounced back and forth with two different employers, and went an extended period of time without a reliable phone number.  He has also bounced back and forth--on record--between wanting to be a part of Jellybean's life and backing out all together.  If this doesn't scream UNSTABLE, then I don't know what does. 

This report is a vital piece of information--not only to our case, but to the judgemental eyes that have been watching over my shoulder.  Yes, even though I'm the reliable parent who is looking out for my child, I have still received some pretty harsh judgement..  It's only natural, I suppose.  Friends and relatives of W. wouldn't want to admit that it is their guy who screwed up.  So they deem me a wicked baby-hoarder, using my child as a tool to punish my poor, innocent ex who just wants to love his family, dammit! 

Truthfully, it really wouldn't matter if I were a wicked baby-hoarder, using my child as a tool and such.  The court system isn't going to throw out a good parent.  Or even a half-ass parent who may be capable of keeping their child alive for a few hours.  His parental rights or lack thereof is in no way my decision.  All I can do, is present the evidence (See: this, this, THIS, this, and this.) and let the courts decide what is best according to the law. 

Your final tip in How To Impress The Guardian Ad Litem is to do whatever he/she says.  Easy enough for all of you parents who are worth half a lick.  For the rest of you, well, you probably don't care enough to be researching this kind of information, so likely aren't even here.  Best of luck to all of you who are looking out for your child(ren)!

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