Friday, September 3, 2010


For anyone who remembers (or cares) about my nutrition dilemma, I think I have figured out the solution.  See, Jellybean is in that awkward stage between baby food and table food; she loves to pick up mac-n-cheese with her fingers and eat it, but our doctor warned us against the preservatives that are in the cheese.

The solution?  Boil some macaroni noodles and toss out that bag of cheese-like-product.  Instead, mix in two jars of whatever kind of pureed veggie your baby likes.  For Jellybean, we used Gerber's Farmer Market Vegetable Blend. 

The look on her face told me she was expecting something a little different, but she got used to it.  I think since she is starting this food so young that it might be a favorite treat down the road when the picky-eating-preschooler phase rears its ugly head.


  1. Dang, this is a pretty good idea! Once Tator Tot is a little bigger I'll have to give it a whirl:)

  2. Oh man what a good idea. My little bug really never ate baby food, he hated it. My Dr. said it was fine to just give him table food so he's been eating the same things as me since 7 months old. If you ever need any ideas for easy to eat table food let me know :)

    1. i find now, with my lil man, (never touched a jar of baby food as im too lazy...for lack of a better term) chicken fingers!anything chicken thats not fried. hamburgers, and pancakes are his top three. kinda late but for anyone else reading.(originally came for the guardian ad litem info!)