Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter (It's More Fun With Kids!)

Holidays are difficult in blended families.  You have to make sure that everyone gets to see the kids and the kids get to see everyone.

So on Saturday, we spent the day at my parents' house in M-Ville.  They got Easter baskets filled with candy, coloring books, and other misc. toys.  And these awesome golf sets.

My parents held an indoor Easter egg hunt (which, for their age group, was really more of an Easter egg pick-up).  Ace figured out how to unwrap candy wrappers and took it upon himself to distribute candy to his younger siblings.  I'm not sure if he was doing this to be nice, or to get them involved so that if he got in trouble he would have accomplices.  Nevertheless, the kids had candy for breakfast and lunch.  Which may be considered bad parenting, but I'm not terribly concerned. 

After our nutritious lunch of chocolate and marshmallow, it was time to color eggs.  (I love our faces in this picture...)


I stole the muffin pan idea from my friend at Hand Over The Cookies!.

The kids all had a ton of fun and they were disappointed when we were done coloring eggs.  But, for the life of me, I cannot capture a picture of them having fun.  Ever.  Here are Dango and Ace looking like they've been working the grind for twelve hours and have just had enough.

My dad got this cool egg-spinner from WalMart for about $5.  Ant and Dango took it for a spin.  (Get it?)


That egg spinner made some very cool eggs.  So with all of the after-Easter sales going on, it might be a good idea to snatch one up for next year.

The next morning (Easter Sunday) was a blur.  The kids got their baskets for 10 minutes before we rushed out the door to Ant's mom and step dad's house in H. Town.  Where they each got another basket and these delicious marshmallow lollipops.

Ed picked up the boys minutes later and we headed to my mom's house for ham, then home to clean clean clean before the Guardian Ad Litem arrives to inspect our home.


  1. Glad you liked my muffin tin idea :)
    Your Easter sounds exhausting really but I bet all the kiddos loved it. Mine is still walking around saying more eggs, 'nother basket.

  2. @Alyssa,
    You are my toddler-activity-guru!