Wednesday, July 28, 2010

And Speaking of Nutrition

Well, even though I have been asking about nutritious foods for my daughter... my parents decided to spoil her anyway with a creamstick.  I mean, what are grandparents for, right?  As aggrivating as it is to have parents that don't follow your rules, it did make some interesting photos...

"How was the donut, Jellybean?"

"Ohmigosh it was SOOOOO good!"

"But ohhhh I shouldn't have eated da whoooole thing..."


  1. Ha ha! I've been fortunate enough that even though the grandparents spoil them with sweets they do respect that we expect the boys to eat all their veggies before they get treats. When we're there at least they do. Ha ha.

  2. lol! Guess I have a lot in common with that precious little girl!! Food is so good:)

  3. These are some of my favorite pictures you've posted! That first one, what a chunker--that belly kills me!

  4. Oh my, grandparents love to do that, don't they!