Monday, July 19, 2010

Onesies - A Great Shower Activity

Our baby shower was a year ago today!  Instead of those lame baby shower games that nobody likes, we had a pretty fun activity that was interactive, kept the kids busy, and gave Baby a sweet keepsake.  I bought a few packs of different sizes plain, white onesies and some fabric markers.  Everyone got to design a onesie for the baby to wear. 

I have tried to take pictures of Jellybean wearing these hand-decorated onesies, but there have been some incidents--Jellybean growing too big before I got the chance for her to wear it, Jellybean soaking the onesie in runny poo, etc.--and I have not gotten pictures of ALL of them. 

Here are a few, and it's always something fun to keep in mind for your next baby shower :)

This NB size is the one I designed.  Notice the phrase "Potty Like A Rock Star" written on the butt, lol.  No, I am not super-creative.  I actually ripped off this slogan from a pair of pants I saw at Dollar General.

This fabulous example of "modern art" was done by my three-year-old cousin Eva.  Not bad for a three-year-old, considering that those fabric markers are difficult to write with.  You can see on the back where she tried to write her name.

Another NB onesie, but whoever designed it didn't write their name on the tag, so I don't know who did it.

0-3 months.  My cousin is very artistic!  The date below the duck is the date of the baby shower.

 0-3 months designed by my husband.  As you probably guessed, he is a Chevy guy.  Sorry, Ford fans, you can see where you rank.

 3-6 months by my dad.

 3-6 months from a girlfriend of mine .

 Another ducky onesie from my cousin.  She must have been into ducks that day.
(3-6 months)

(0-3 months by my husband lol)


  1. That is just too cute. What a fabulous idea.

    Love it and your sweet little girl, who just is so cute in all of those onesies!

    mama to 8
    one homemade and 7 adopted

  2. I like that idea!! I'll have to send it to my sister who is planning games for mine!

  3. That is such a great idea!! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Brilliant! Wish I would have done it...