Monday, March 14, 2011

Freak Show!

I haven't written much about my relationship with Ant, other than when he was there for us during my daughter's hospital stay.  I tend to keep things like this to myself until I am sure everything is working out.  And it is :)

He is amazing.  He is a great dad to his two sons, Ace, who is almost three, and Dango, who is almost two.  The boys are ten months apart.  Almost physically impossible, but Ant pulled it off.  Since his ex, Ed (E.D. stands for egg donor) is about as useful of a parent as W., we both have our children with us almost all of the time.  Which means that now that we are living together together, we have three children under the age of three.  Together.  At the same time.  Every day.  It is definitely... interesting.

When you have a toddler, just one, even the simplest things can be challenging.  Going to the grocery store, walking through town, or just visiting friends--when people see your toddler acting like a toddler they smile to themselves and think, Wow they really have their hands full!  Try to accomplish the same tasks with two toddlers and people will tell you, "I just don't know how you do it!"  But add a third toddler into that display and you become a walking freak show.

Birth control is crucial at this point in our relationship because a fourth toddler would mean we are barely even people anymore.  If I happen to get pregnant, we may as well sign an agreement with TLC and call it a day.

Ace, Jellybean, and Dango  -  2011


  1. They are so cute! You definitely have your hands full - but full hands is better than the way it was before!!

    So happy for you!

  2. Those three are cute!! I bet they gang up on your and Ant too. Ha ha. I've been wondering how you were doing! I hope that you and Ant are enjoying yourselves and the kiddos.

  3. She's gotten so big! No wonder you haven't had time to blog!